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The APC or Armored Personnel Carrier is an infantry transport and support vehicle. It Appears in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf.


The APC is an armored vehicle used for protecting and deploying infantry forces. The APC will at some points cease movement and deploy infantry from its rear bay.


In the Second Mission, the player hijacks a Tank and uses it to escort an unarmed APC, hijacked by the Dragoons to sneak though WoB defenses.

When an Enemy APC stops to deploy Infantry the player can use this to their advantage to line up an easy killing shot(s).


  • The APC can come in three unique color variations:
    • Blue is used by the Dante Security Forces.
    • Red is used by the Word of Blake.
    • Tan is used by the Wolves Dragoons while escaping Dante.
  • In trailers for Lone Wolf, the MechWarrior was seen fighting alongside several Dante Security Force APCs.