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"The Blood Asp features accelerating LRMs that lock onto enemy targets." -MechAssault 2 Manual


The Blood Asp was created by Clan Star Adder, as an insult to their rivals, Clan Blood Spirit. The Blood Asp weighs in at 100 tons and travels at 19 mph. It is also one of the two 'Mechs that carries the quad Machine Guns into battle.

In MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf the version of this 'Mech was revamped. The twin shoulder mounted Gauss Rifles have been replaced by dual Plasma PPC's. It is interesting to note however, that even though the missile pods have been relocated, the original BattleTech version's missile pod remains, just under the cockpit, albeit unused, and with a cover on it. The Blood Asp is slow even for an Assault 'Mech, and because of this, the Blood Asp can be out ran by most other 'Mechs.


In MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, the Blood Asp is one of two Mechs armed with the Plasma PPC energy weapons. The other being its variant, the Star Adder. It also has four machine guns and two Javelin missiles. If a player has all three weapons slots at level three upgrade, the Alpha Strike special weapon will be unlocked.


The Mech does not have Jump-Jets or any special defensive weapon of any kind. However, to make up for this it has extremely heavy armor, allowing for multiple hits from level 3 upgrade heavy weapons (PPC, Gauss Rifle, Hammer N-THEM's) without being destroyed. In addition to this, the chassis it is built on like the Star Adder is extremely stable because of the slow speed that it has, making it extremely hard to knock over. Any pilot with the desire to knock over other Mechs and take advantage of this should think twice before trying to knock the Blood Asp off it's feet.

MechAssault 2[]

  • Mech Defense (On a scale from 1-10): 8
  • Mech Speed: 19 mph
  • Tonnage: 100
  • Weapons: Plasma PPC x2, Machine Gun x4, Javelin LRM x2
  • Defensive/Special Weapon: Alpha Strike


  • The Blood Asp is a variant that's weapons systems were installed by Lt. Foster after escaping from North Wind.
  • The Plasma PPC's according to Foster have Plasma core technology worked into them, causing more damage, than the Star Adders Plasma PPC's. Only applicable in the Campaign.