Primary Weapon:
2x Pulse Laser (Alternating)
Secondary Weapon:
1x Auto-Cannon
Target Jamming x2 (MA1) Reflective Armor Shielding (MA2)
Max Speed:
40 M/h 64 Km/h
Mech Variant:


Commonly mistaken for a variant of the Stiletto Medium Mech, the Corvus was designed for speed, and assisting heavier Mechs in taking down other Mechs. Not taking on another Mech directly. The weapons it carries reflects this. Dual alternating Pulse Lasers best used for taking out tanks and VTOL's rather than attacking another Mechs. All of the Corvus fire power is in the single Auto-Cannon that it gets. Use this if fighting another Mech is nessesary. The Corvus should stay near friendly, heavier Mechs rather than go out on it's own.


The Corvus was built around a light, high speed chassis. Not carrying much fire power, the Corvus is outfitted with dual Alternating Pulse lasers, and a single Auto-Cannon. Nothing with enough punch to make it a Mech of choice during Destruction games. However, the Corvus should be noted that it is an extremely good core/flag runner and fast enough to out run most other Mechs of it's class.


In the first MechAssault, the Corvus had Jump Jets and Target Jamming, but was unique because the latter special lasts twice as long as normal TJ. This was the saving grace of the Mech, allowing it to be better defended while running and giving it the option to go offensive to make the lives of Mechs like Mad Cat and Uziel much more difficult. Sadly the Corvus loses target jamming in the shift to the second game. The Corvus does have Reflective Armor Shielding, which decreases the effectiveness of Energy Weapons on it by 70% for a short time. It is suggested to have this activated when fighting a Mech that has the PPC's as it's primary weapon, notably the Uziel.