Corvus Scout Mech

The Corvus Light (or Scout) BattleMech is one of the fastest most agilile Mechs in the entire series. It's weapon set is ideal for hit and hide tactics. Also an execellent flag and core runner. It weighs in at 35 tonnes.


Like other Scout class Mechs, this Mech does not have a third weapons slot. The Corvus does not possess missiles. Sacrificing a missile slot for more a slightly more powerful set of ballistics weapons. Having dual Auto-Cannons to make of for the loss of a missile set, the Corvus is one of the most powerful Scout class Mechs in terms of ballistics. As a back up the Corvus also carries twin alternating Pulse Lasers.


As with most Scout Mechs the Corvus has Jump-Jets allowing for short term flight. It also carries Refective Armor Sheilding which stop 70% of the damage from energy based weapons. Lastly the Mechs high speed it helpful when dodging missiles and pulse laseres.