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The Crossbow Short Range Missile (SRM) is the most commonly used type of missile. The Crossbow SRM has a small blast radius and is under powered compared to its LRM counterparts, however they travel quickly and reloading time is short.


The Crossbow is upgraded by Missile salvage. Unlike other weapons, the damage of the Crossbow does not increase when it is upgraded. Instead, the Crossbow will fire additional projectiles when upgraded, turning a single SRM into a volley of up to 3. 'Mechs which have multiple SRM launchers will be able to fire in extended bursts.

Battle Tactics[]

The Crossbow is best used against aircraft and lightly armored vehicles, being ineffective against 'Mechs unless used in great numbers. Although the damage caused by a single missile is low, the cumulative damage of firing in salvos can be catastrophic. As a result, multiple fast moving 'Mechs working in tandem with each other can swarm a hostile 'Mech and overwhelm it with ceaseless fire from multiple directions.


Crossbow missiles have a very short effective range, however it can be difficult to hit a tank or other vehicle that is too close to the 'Mech, because the projectile arcs upward when fired before correcting in mid-air and pointing down towards the intended target. Because of this, a targeted tank can close the distance on the 'Mech firing the missile and cause the missile to slam into the ground behind the tank instead of reaching the target.