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"Hey, there's an abandoned Elemental suit. Not quite as sophisticated as the Battle Armor, but they are well suited to mountain terrain." - Foster


The Elemental is a Power Armor with JumpJets. Its armament are two crossbow missiles (SRMs) and either a laser, machine gun, or flamethrower. It was seen in the MechWarrior series and in the MechAssault series. Even though it acts like a light 'Mech, most militias don't use them. Despite this, it's able to take on a squad of tanks, and its small signature makes it hard for enemies to pick up.

In the MechAssault campaign, the MechWarrior used an Elemental to sneak behind enemy lines as part of an assassination attempt on Adept Strader and his command staff. The Elementals eventually evolved into the Battle Armor. The Battle Armor is basically an upgraded version of the Elementals. Like the Battle Armor, the Elementals can use a claw to grab onto the sides of walls and buildings. Unlike the Battle Armor, they can't Neuro-hack an enemy 'Mech but they can grab onto a friendly 'Mech and hitch a ride.


The Elemental Power Armor suit is seen in a few variants. The first encounter in MechAssault shows the Elemental in it's Hybrid Power Armor configuration having a single Laser. When the MechWarrior uses the Elemental it is equipped with a Pulse Laser. In Lone Wolf, the Elemental, when used, comes equipped with a Laser. Depending on the version in use, tactics should stay the same. Use the small profile of the Elemental to evade enemies then hit them with the Laser/Pulse Laser. The dual Crossbow Missiles should be used only when fighting tanks, infantry, or air craft as they missiles will draw attention when fighting 'Mechs.


The Elemental does not possess much in the way of armor. Being hit by a level 1 PPC will destroy the suit in three hits. The Elemental does possess JumpJets however, making it hard to hit. In Lone Wolf, the Elemental can be seen in only a few missions and can climb man-made structures. Perfect for ambushing 'Mechs by jumping off buildings, then running away.


  • In the mission Size Matters in MechAssault, the MechWarrior takes a suit of power armor, unspecified in the mission briefing. It is revealed that the Power Armor is the Elemental during the 'Mech status screen.
  • In MechAssault, a player using the Elemental can turn the suit torso 360 degrees, even though a pilot should be on the inside of the suit. This was corrected in Lone Wolf.