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Lieutenant Foster, also known by his nickname (Briefing Boy), was a member of the Wolf Dragoons Mercenary Group and engineer aboard the dropship Icarus. He was a main character in the MechAssault series.

Background Edit

There is little information to be found in game about Foster, not even his first name is ever stated. As a member of the Icarus' crew, his primary role was that of an engineer, and he fielded a great talent for vehicle research and development. He also held the role as a tactical adviser for troops in the field, and conducted thorough briefings of relevant data, thus earning him his nickname.

Appearance Edit

Foster's appearance differs greatly between MechAssault and Lone Wolf. In the first installment he is depicted with a slim build, short black hair, wears glasses, and appears to be wearing the standard Wolf Dragoon uniform. In Lone Wolf, he has a more muscular build (though not as muscular as the Captain), grown out blonde hair, and wears what appears to be mechanic's overalls.

Personality Edit

Throughout MechAssault, Foster maintained a mostly professional demeanor, with occasional outbursts. He expressed anger towards the Word of Blake for targeting civilians, adopting a hatred towards the enemy. He was not as tempered and headstrong as Natalia, as his voice and behavior would sometimes turn worried and excited when the Captain found himself in extreme situations, or when a sudden unexpected development occurred.

He had a hero worship of Mech pilots, and burst out in an adolescent-like episode of enthusiasm and adrenaline when piloting a Mech into combat for the first time, to the point where Natalia had to scold him for comparing the ordeal to playing a game. Afterwards, he began to make more imposing tactical suggestions to the Captain mid-mission, seemingly developing a slight ego.

In Lone Wolf, he is less prone to these excited outbursts, even when found in dangerous scenarios himself, and speaks much more flat as a result.

Skills Edit

Foster was best known for his savant-like talents for engineering. In addition to being adept at repairing any Mech or vehicle seemingly regardless of it's condition, Foster was capable of manufacturing new battle systems, proven by his creation of the BattleArmor. He also had an extraordinary understanding of various forms of technologies, having no trouble deciphering and understanding the Word of Blake data cores and immediately being able to incorporate there tech into the Icarus' vehicles.

His other skills included a mastery of hacking enemy systems, communications, and databases, to the extent that he was also able to incorporate a system into his BattleArmor that allowed the Captain to Neuro-Hack enemy Mechs.

He trained in simulation to pilot Mechs, but did not become proficient at this until after being in combat for the first time. He was also capable of piloting an APC.

Mission to Helios Edit