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The Goblin Tank is an light tank in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf found only on DLC Maps. The image used shows the tank with two BattleArmor firing their shoulder mounted guns, making it the only vehicle besides the VTOL that can house BattleArmor.


This is not the Goblin Medium Tank and Infantry Support Vehicle seen in the BattleTech main canon. This Tank model is a completely original design created by Day 1 studios that just happens to share the name of the Goblin.


The Goblin is armed with 2 Machine Guns and 2 Crossbow Missile (SRMs), making the tank more suitable in tank vs tank battles unlike the Rhommel which had a 'Mech support role. The goblin is probably best used as a flanker going around and hitting 'Mechs from behind and then using its mobility and Target Jamming ability to run away.


MechAssault 2-Goblin Tank Footage