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Going Down Hard

Going Down Hard - Objective.JPG

Going Down Hard
Objective #1:
Recon Area
Objective #2:
Destroy Infantry Base
Objective #3
Eliminate Convoy
Objective #4
Takeout HQ Building and all Defenders
Available Mechs:
Suggested Mech:
Notable Enemies:

"Foster I need that damage report NOW!" - Major Natalia


In order of appearence (only ones that do damage)

  • Infantry
  • Missile Tanks
  • Missile Turrets
  • Elemental


Objective: Recon Area[]

Don't bother shooting the troopers, just step on them

After spawning in, you will see 2 valley's one to the far left, and the other to the right. Take the valley on the right run over there, and step on the infantry with your Mech. As seen in the photo. Continue down the valley, and use the JumpJets on the Mech to go over the wall. Ignore the helicopters flying away, they don't shoot back. The red troopers carry a Crossbow Missile Launcher. The rest carry a very weak Laser. Step on them by running them over.

Objective: Destroy Infantry Base[]

Using the Auto-Cannon on these buildings will take them down instantly.

Continue down the valley until 2 large buildings, these buildings can be brought down in a single Auto-Cannon shot, use the Auto-Cannon on the buildigns, and collect the salvage. After collecting the salvage keep going down the valley and step on the infantry that have been dropped off by Helicopter. Ignore the helicopter, it doesn't shoot back.

Objective: Takeout Enemy Convoy[]

Don't destroy the trucks until all the tanks have been dealt with.

Drop down out of the valley and take out the enemy missile tanks, ignore the trucks unless you happen to walk into one. There are multiple enemy tanks, engage the ones at the front first, and move down the convoy until all tanks are destroyed, then eliminate the trucks and pick up any salvage. Then follow the road all the way up until you see a building with a wall around it.

Objective: Destroy Enemy Hq and all Defenders[]

Failing to kill these enemies will cause you to be hit from both front and back.

A building with a wall around it, a tunnel behind it, a watch tower will come into view before the enemy base does. A tank will come out of the tunnel and 2 more tanks will come out of the main base. Along with these is a missile turret. Destroy the turret first with Javelin Missiles then destroy the tanks. Pick up any salvage inside the walled area and continue onto the main base.

Looks like the militia forces have some high-tech gadgets

After dealing with these enemies, move on to the main base, be warned. There are 3 missile turrets, and multiple tanks. Keep moving to evade missiles, destroy the turrets then the tanks. After this, move into the base, a cut scene will show 4 elemental's flying over the building that is marked at the back of the base. Take these out, unlike the tanks, the Elemental can do some punishment, and these models carry a Medium Laser. After that's done, destroy the building at the back of the complex and the mission ends.

Next Mission: Suffer the Silence


  • Shooting the Hq building at the back of the base causes the cut scene to start, and the Elementals to spawn in.
  • It is possible to destroy the planes and helicopters that flee the area if the player is fast enough and uses Javelin Missiles.
  • The Icarus can be destroyed in this mission