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"The Hackman is swift and stealthy. A variant of the Owens, it features null signature technology for avoiding enemy radar. Its speed is invaluable behind enemy lines." -MechAssault 2 manual


Sneaky. Stealthy. Fast. All three words that can describe the speed and firepower worked into the frame of the Hackman Light 'Mech. The Hackman comes armed with a double set of Crossbow Missiles, and a single Gauss Rifle. This is another one of the scout 'Mechs that does not bear a third weapons platform.


The Hackman was created specifically for the MechAssault series and it makes no other appearances anywhere else in the BattleTech universe. The Hackman has an entirely original weapons configuration that does not resemble any other documented variant of the Owens.


Simply by having the Gauss rifle the 'Mech already outclasses its counterpart the Owens, allowing it to snipe opponents without risking exposure. At higher levels it is able to knock down opponents, which is a huge assist to teammates with more powerful weapons. It also carries Crossbow missiles in the event it must fight in close quarters, however these are unable to do much damage even at max level.


The Hackman is even more frail than the Owens due to not having an ability that reduces damage, however it does have the Null Signature which when played properly will also allow it to avoid all incoming damage, along with its speed and small profile.

Tactical Analysis[]

The Hackman is the definition of "glass cannon" as its paper-thin defenses will not allow it to take much punishment. On the other hand, its speed and high potential for disruptive play in the Gauss Rifle allow it to function as a powerful support lead, being able to quickly run around the battlefield and steal salvage, as well as snipe from afar. It is advised to level up the Gauss Rifle at least once, as this unlocks its ability to knock down enemy 'Mechs. Wall-walking is essential to fully utilize its potential, this allowing it to rapidly climb sharp slopes. However, the Hackman can be checked by enemies using the Target Jamming ability, therefore it is advised to play hit-and-run, like the rest of the light-class Null Sig 'Mechs, and teammate support from heavier 'Mechs is vital.


  • This Mech is only seen in the Campaign of MechAssault, in Mission: Worst Day Since... along with its variant, Owens.
  • The Hackman is used in the Campaign of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf however, and is pilotable in the Campaign.
  • The Hackman is the only Light 'Mech to have the Gauss Cannon.
  • The Hackman and the Owens are the easiest 'Mechs to wall-walk with due to their high speed, a tactic essential for competitive play.