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The Hellbringer is a Heavy class Mech that carries an unique weapon, the Flamer, which differs from the Flamethrower in that it does not continueously fire per trigger pull, and has a slight tracking ability. It causes heat transfer into other Mechs. Being hit with a flamer "shot" causes the Mech being hit to absorb the heat into the heatsinks. The Hellbringer is built to be an annoying Mech, rather than unleash firepower, the Hellbringer causes other Mechs not to be able to shoot back. Being built on a Heavy Mech Chassis doesn't mean that the Hellbringer carries the firepower seen on other Mechs of the same class. Like it's cousin, the Loki, the Hellbringer was designed around tactics and strategy and not firepower.


As to the above, the Hellbringer's Flamer weapon causes overheating in other Mechs if a direct hit is achieved. However, the Flamer does not carry the bulk of the Firepower seen in the twin Auto-Cannons (Estimated 60% of firepower is in the twin Auto-Cannons) and although the majority of the firewpower is in the Auto-Cannons, there is not a lot of damage to be done. It is suggested the Pilot upgrades the firing level of the Auto-Cannons atleast once before taking on Mechs of the same class or greater. The Hellbringer is built on the Chassis of a Heavy class, but carries the firepower of a Medium Mech. And in this respect, it follows through all the weapons systems. The missile platform on the Hellbringer is weaker than that of an Uller. A single Javelin long range missile is featured.


The Hellbringer does possess Jump-Jets, unlike the Loki, it had the ability to "fly" up onto places otherwise inaccessable by other Mechs. This includes buildings, walls, and otherwise rough terrain that can't be walked up by Mechs. The Hellbringer should situate it's self in a position to overheat other Mechs while staying out of the battle. And let it's allies destroy the Mechs that can't fight back. Also, the Hellbringer has AMS, which "zaps" incoming Missiles out of the air.

The Hellbringer is a match for Mechs that have Missiles as their primary or secondary weapon - the Madcat, Timberwolf, Bowman and Catapult are notable for having large missile packs.


  • The Hellbringer is seen in the MechAssault 2 mission "SOS Star Adder", and is one of the choices of Mechs to access the upper area of the mountains
  • The Hellbringer is the only Mech to carry a single Javelin Missile
  • The Hellbringer and Loki are the two fastest heavies in MA1