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The Javelin Long Range Missile (LRMs), is the second most commonly used type of missile. The Javelin missile is built for long ranges, however it can be just as effective at medium range.


When upgraded to Level 2, the Javelin Missile's trail turns yellow and the explosive becomes significantly more powerful. When upgraded to Level 3, the Javelin's trail will turn red and the missile will travel faster as well as becoming more powerful.


When fired, the Javelin missile accelerates as it's flying through the air. The further it flies, the faster it travels. However, the Javelin is unable to course correct in mid-air at the same speed as its SRM counterpart, and because of this they are easily avoidable at close range. In addition, the Javelin generates a substantial amount of heat making it less viable for fast paced engagements with 'Mechs where volume of fire decides the victor.