Kit Fox

Kit Fox

Kit Fox
Primary Weapon:
1x Hammer Missile (N-THEM's)
Secondary Weapon:
1x Pulse Laser
Jump Jets:
Max Speed:
35 Mph/ 56 Km/h
Mech Variant:

"We have multiple Mechs activating!" - Lt. Foster when two Kit Fox's (and an Atlas) ambush the MechWarrior.


The Kit Fox is probably the best Mech that has Null-Signature available on it. The reason being that unlike the other light Mechs that support Null-Signature, the Puma, the Raven, and the Hackman, both of these Mechs are easily traceable after they fire their first shot. The Puma's PPC charge isn't even covered by Null-Signature, the Hackman's Gauss Rifle leaves a clear trail back to the point of where it was fired, and the Raven has a pretty low power weapons platform. The Kit Fox, however, uses the Hammer Missile, which leaves little trail, and doesn't betray your position while being charged. It also doesn't create heat until fired. The Kit Fox should get behind enemy Mechs before firing a Missile, then run away before the Mech has a chance to turn around and shoot back.


Lacking a Ballistics weapon slot, the Kit Fox has to deal with just having dual Pulse Lasers in it's energy weapons slot, which should be used on tanks, aircraft, and other light vehicles at short to moderate ranges. And a Hammer Missile - N-THEM (Non-Tracking Highly Explosive Missile), using the Hammer Missile requires a mild amount of skill. Requiring a charge time before being able to fire. The Hammer Missile does moderate damage, but does not have a tracking ability, you will need to be fairly close in order to guarantee a hit.


The Kit Fox is fast, has a small profile, and is agile. It possess Jump Jets, as does it's cousin, the Uller. It's also equipped with Null-Signature, rendering the Mech invisible for short periods. Over heating the Mech will cause it to become more visible, and if heat exceeds 25%, the Mech can be locked onto by tracking weapons - PPC's Crossbow and Javelin Missiles.. etc.. The Kit Fox should keep moving, stay in water while Null-Signature is activated, and flank behind enemy lines while cloaked.


  • A squad of two Kit Fox Mechs (and an Atlas) ambush the MechWarrior during the mission "Size Matters II"
  • Kit Fox is the only light Mech to support both null signature and the Hammer Missile