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"We have multiple Mechs activating!" - Lt. Foster when two Kit Fox's (and an Atlas) ambush the MechWarrior.


Out of all the Null Signature 'Mechs, the Kit Fox is the strongest of the 3. It is also the hardest of the 4 to use, as one needs extensive knowledge on how to time a Hammer Missile shot to maximize damage.


The Kit Fox carries one Hammer Missile, arguably the best weapon in the entire series, with its raw damage and ability to inflict "critical hits" on the opponent. It also carries a Pulse Laser that can be used for chip damage, but it will almost always be using the Hammer Missile for offense.


The Kit Fox is fast, has a small profile, and is agile. It also wields Null Signature, which allows it to disappear temporarily from enemy sight to avoid getting shot and to sneak up on opponents.

Tactical Analysis[]

While the Kit Fox is the hardest of the 4 light Null Sig 'Mechs to pilot, it is also the most powerful. Unlike the Puma it doesn't betray its position when charging up the Hammer Missile, and it can reach a damage output higher than the Hackman. It can use Null Signature to sneak up behind opponents and plant a Hammer Missile and run away undetected, but it must take care not to overheat, or this will take away its advantage. A tricky support unit, but can be devastating if played right.


  • A squad of two Kit Fox Mechs (and an Atlas) ambush the MechWarrior during the mission "Size Matters II"
  • Kit Fox is the only light 'Mech to support both Null Signature and the Hammer Missile