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The following is a list of playable missions in the campaign modes of MechAssault and its sequel MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf.


There are a total of 20 playable missions in the MechAssault campaign and 5 cinematic segments.

  • Planet Fall (Cinematic) - Natalia briefs the Captain of the upcoming invasion plans.
  • Eating Dirt (Cinematic) - The Icarus is shot down after entering Helios' atmosphere.
  • Going Down Hard - The Captain raids a nearby hostile base and secures the area around the damaged Icarus.
  • Last Transmission (Cinematic) - Bravo Lance is destroyed by an unknown threat.
  • Suffer the Silence - The Captain raids a series of enemy bases and destroys a communications array.
  • Friends Indeed - The Dragoons attempt to make contact with local forces resisting the Word of Blake.
  • Dry Me Out - The Captain raids a Word of Blake airbase and decimates enemy air power in the region
  • Sailing Away - The Captain raids a convoy of ships transporting components for the orbital guns.
  • Enter Wasteland (Cinematic) - Alpha Lance is destroyed in a one-sided battle.
  • Catnap I - The Captain and Foster raid a convey transporting a Mad Cat heavy 'Mech.
  • Catnap II - Piloting the captured Mad Cat, the Captain and Foster fight off an enemy assault on the Icarus.
  • Bright Lights, Dark City I - Using the Mad Cat, the Captain launches a raid on an enemy controlled nuclear fusion plant.
  • Bright Lights, Dark City II - The Captain breaks through the enemy defenses and destroys the nuclear plant.
  • Not Again! - The Icarus is shot down again and the Captain fights his way back to the crippled ship.
  • Thor on the Rocks - The Captain raids enemy installations that threaten the downed Icarus.
  • Wolf In Sheep's... - Using the captured Thor, the Captain infiltrates an enemy base and hacks into a data array.
  • Under the Guns - The Dragoons finally accomplish their mission of destroying the enemy orbital guns.
  • Size Matter I - Piloting an Elemental suit, the Captain infiltrates an enemy base to assassinate Strader.
  • Size Matters II - Using a captured Atlas, the Captain fights his way to the regional palace where Strader is.
  • Not On My Watch - The Captain moves to liberate a work camp where the remnants of the resistance are imprisoned.
  • Payback - The Captain raids a retreating enemy convoy to assassinate Strader's second in command.
  • Worst Day Since... - The Captain fights his way through Strader's inner guard and corners him at a spaceport.
  • Ready to Rok! I - The Captain takes the captured Ragnarok and sets out to stop Strader's doomsday drill.
  • Ready to Rok! II - The Captain reaches the Planetbuster and gives everything he has to destroy it.
  • World's End (Cinematic) - The Captain recovers from his injuries and is debriefed by Natalia.

Lone Wolf[]

There are a total of 22 playable missions in the Lone Wolf campaign and 19 cinematic segments.

  • Enter BattleArmor (Cinematic) - Planet Dante comes under attack and the Captain rushes to Foster's workshop.
  • Street Sweeper - Piloting Foster's new BattleArmor, the Captain defends Dante from an enemy invasion force.
  • Dropship Down (Cinematic) - The Dragoons see a DropShip shot down by the invading enemy.
  • Signs of Life - The Captain moves to rescue survivors of the downed DropShip.
  • Let's Make A Deal (Cinematic) - The Dragoons and Alera agree to work together to escape Dante.
  • Tank Rush - The Dragoons attempt to sneak their way to the spaceport by capturing an enemy Rhommel Tank.
  • Let's Get Off This Rock - The Captain defends the spaceport while the Icarus preps for launch.
  • Nat Sees The Big Picture (Cinematic) - Natalia orders the ship to Northwind to rendezvous with Beta Regiment.
  • Welcome To Thestria (Cinematic) - The Dragoons mis-jump and find themselves in House Kurita territory.
  • We're Not In Kansas Anymore (Cinematic) - The Dragoons see that the enemy are attacking Thestria and head planet side.
  • To The Rescue - The Dragoons arrive on Thestria and assist Kurita forces against the attacking enemy.
  • Mech Shopping - The Captain and Natalia raid an enemy 'Mech depot to restock their arsenal.
  • Go Time on Thestria - Using a captured 'Mech, the Captain assists the Kuritans in eliminating an enemy 'Mech company.
  • Swamp Rock - Piloting the BatleArmor, the Captain sneaks behind enemy lines and destroys an air defense grid.
  • Eight Feet Under - While investigating strange readings, the Captain faces down the incredible Spider 'Mech.
  • SOS From Northwind 1 (Cinematic) - Northwind is attacked by the Word of Blake and Beta Regiment is annihilated.
  • SOS From Northwind 2 (Cinematic) - The Dragoons reflect on the disaster then decide to go to Northwind and fight.
  • Welcome To Northwind (Cinematic) - The Dragoons find Northwind overrun by the Word and begin conducting operations.
  • Suspicion Grows (Cinematic) - While descending onto Northwind, the Dragoons discover Alera's mis-jump was intentional.
  • Into the Valley of Death - The Dragoons arrive on Northwind and the Captain hot drops into battle.
  • There's Gonna be a Jailbreak - The Captain raids a Word of Blake controlled city and liberates civilian prisoners.
  • I Hate Snakes - The Captain frees imprisoned Highlanders and joins them in assaulting a Word of Blake airstrip.
  • Natalia Super Spy (Cinematic) - Natalia is captured while conducting reconnaissance.
  • Mountain Song - The Captain and Foster retreat from the enemy towards a communications array.
  • Sending out an SOS to the World - As the enemy closes in, the Captain defends the Icarus while Foster calls for help.
  • Where'd You Go? (Cinematic) - Analyzing the pattern of where the Data Cores were found, Foster anticipates the next target.
  • Welcome To Hesperus II (Cinematic) - The Dragoons jump to Hesperus II and get to work searching for Natalia.
  • Once More Into The Breach - Touching down on Hesperus II, the Captain destroys an enemy 'Mech production facility.
  • To The Arena - The Captain sneaks behind enemy lines using a stealth equipped tank.
  • Holding The Line - The Captain captures an enemy 'Mech and clears the way for the Icarus to land.
  • Natalia Found (Cinematic) - Nemesis uses Natalia as bait to lure the Dragoons into a deathtrap.
  • Gladiator Has Nothing on Us - The Captain fights his way into the arena where Nemesis is holding Natalia.
  • Against the Spiders - The Captain and Alera fight off Nemesis' forces inside the arena and rescue Natalia.
  • Nat and Alera Get Reacquainted (Cinematic) - Alera explains why the Word of Blake is after the Data Cores.
  • Welcome To Terra (Cinematic) - After entering Terra's orbit, the Dragoon's Kuritan allies are obliterated by the orbital defense grid.
  • Skin The Cat - Sneaking onto the surface of Terra, the Captain makes his way towards the Super 'Mech factory.
  • They Awaken (Cinematic) - Nemesis mobilizes the Super 'Mech army to defend the base.
  • End Game - The Captain encounters heavy resistance as he forces open the path to Nemesis' base.
  • Checkmate - After reaching the heart of Nemesis' base, the Captain battles Nemesis in his Uber 'Mech.
  • Deus Ex Machina (Cinematic) - Alera crashes the Jezebel into the heart of the Super 'Mech factory to destroy Nemesis' army.
  • New Beginnings (Cinematic) - The Dragoons survive the explosion and pledge that they will protect the Data Cores.