Primary Weapon:
2x Pulse Lasers (Alternating)
Secondary Weapon:
2x Auto-Cannons
Tertiary Weapon::
3x Crossbow Missiles (SRM's)
Max Speed:
30Mph/ 48Km/h
Mech Variant:


The real classification of the Loki Mech is questionable. In many ways it is considered a Medium Mech, due to the sets of weapons it carries. The weapon set on the Loki is lesser than that seen in other Heavy Mechs, but seem more similar something that would be found on a Medium Mech in addition, this Mech has Null-Signature which is seen more commonly on lighter class Mechs. On the other side of the argument, the Loki is considered a Heavy Mech because of it's weight and armor, and top speed, which infact makes it similar to that of the Thor and Summoner, both of which are classed as Heavy Mechs.


The Loki comes equiped with Dual, alternating fire, Pulse Lasers, fired from the Arms of the mech, these short range, high rate of fire, should not be used to fight anything but lightly armored targets. In ballistics, also fired from the arms of the Mech are 2 Auto-Cannons, which should be the weapon used most on the Mech. Moderate reloading times, fair amounts of damage and medium range, best used when fighting other Mechs and tanks. Lastly, 3 Crossbow Missiles are fired from the Missile bay mounted on the shoulder of the Mech. The weapons on this Mech were not built for long range, sustaned combat or fighting Mechs of the same Class.


The Loki is the only Heavy Mech that posesses Null-Signature, rendering the entire Mech invisible. However, the Loki does not have JumpJets unlike other Mechs of it's class. This means that the Loki should not be counting on outmaneuvering other Mechs in rough terrain, rather, the Loki should rely on it's speed and Null-Signature abilities to outsmart other Mechs.

MechAssault 2:Edit

  • Weight: 70
  • Armor: 3929
  • Speed: 28
  • Maximum Heat: 157
  • Cool Rate: 18
  • Additional Component 1: Null Sig.
  • Energy Weapon: Pulse Laser(2x)
  • Ballistic Weapon: Autocannon(2x)
  • Missile Weapon: Crossbow SRM(3x)


  • The Loki is the Mech that Alera uses in the Campaign of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf
  • This is the only Heavy Mech to posses Null-Signature