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The Machine Gun, fires 50 caliber rounds with devastating effects at close range. They produce no heat and fire at a high rate.


The Machine Gun is upgraded by Ballistic salvage. When the Machine Gun is upgraded to Level 2, it's projectiles will do more damage. When upgraded to Level 3, the projectiles will turn red and travel at a faster speed in addition to doing significantly more damage.


The Machine Gun's accuracy at range is nonexistent. Targets must be very close to the 'Mech in order for it's projectiles to make contact, potentially dangerously close.


  • The Machine Gun in sets of four are only featured on the Thor Heavy 'Mech, and the Blood Asp Assault 'Mech.
  • In MechAssault, the Machine Guns level 3 upgrade turns the color of the rounds to red. In Lone Wolf, they remain yellow.