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The Mad Dog is a typical, heavy, all-around 'Mech. With no single weakness, but no major strengths as well. Like the Vulture, the Mad Dog is one of few heavy class 'Mechs that does not carry Jump-Jets, and is at a disadvantage to other 'Mechs of the same class in this manner. The Mad Dog is more than capable of taking on other Mechs, including 'Mechs of heavier classes. If used by a skilled pilot, the Mad Dog can take on 'Mechs of even Assault Class, such as the Ymir.


The Mad Dog carries the majority of its firepower in its missile packs. The missiles once upgraded are capable of firing up to 12 Crossbow SRM's per trigger pull at maximum upgrade. Aside from this, the Mad Dog's next source of firepower is it's dual Auto-Cannons which are probably the anti-tank weapon of choice on this Mech. Lastly the Mad Dog has dual Pulse Lasers, more suited for keeping damage going once the Mech starts to over heat.


  • The Mad Dog is one of the Mechs stolen from the WoB during the campaign mission of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, Mech Shopping.
  • The mech only had 1 auto-cannon in the first MechAssault.