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Major Natalia as she appears in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf

Major Natalia Kerensky was a member of the Wolf Dragoons Mercenary Group and the commanding officer of the dropship Icarus. She was a main character in the MechAssault Series.

Background Edit

There is little information to be found in game of Natalia. Throughout the duration of the first MechAssault she is referred to only by her rank. It isn't until the opening chapter of Lone Wolf that she states her given name. Her surname Kerensky is revealed several chapters later.

Due to possessing the surname of Kerensky, it is very likely she is a member of House Kerensky, a stable of the BattleTech Universe.

Appearance Edit

In both installments she is seen with dark brown hair and blue eyes. However, in the first MechAssault she has short hair and appears to be wearing a uniform during her brief appearances in the opening and closing segments, while in Lone Wolf she sports a more grown out hairstyle which she sometimes ties back, and is seen wearing a pilot's suit for most of the game.

Personality Edit

For most of both installments of the series, she maintained a professional and headstrong demeanor. She showed concern for the safety of Foster whenever he would be placed in harms way, but appeared to have great confidence in the MechWarrior's ability to look out for himself and overcome any challenge.

Throughout the first MechAssault, she occasionally broke with professionalism and became borderline flirty towards the MechWarrior, having a number of pet names for him such as "Tiger" and Cowboy". During the briefing segment of the chapter Sailing Away, it is strongly implied by her tone and choice of words that she and the MechWarrior are engaged in a sexual relationship, or were at the vary least intimate the night before. In Lone Wolf, she never breaks character again and there is no further mention of her relationship with the Captain, if at all there was one.

Mission To Helios Edit