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What is MechAssault?

MechAssault is a spin-off series of MechWarrior, the lauded video game adaptation of the BattleTech wargaming franchise by FASA Corporation. MechAssault was developed by Day 1 Studios and released in November of 2002 exclusively for the Xbox gaming console. MechAssault was one of the first battlemech games ever produced for console play, and is best known for being one of the earliest titles to support Xbox Live online multiplayer.

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Multiplayer Project

MechAssault Wiki is lacking in content for multiplayer maps and game types in both MechAssault and Lone Wolf, from both the base games and downloadable content. Editors who regularly play multiplayer are asked to contribute data concerning map names and game types from both games, and what 'Mechs are used in each Lone Wolf multiplayer map.
- MechAssault Wiki Administration

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