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"As you can see, your little Foster is not the only one who can make a weapon out of the data cores, Dragoon." - Nemesis

The Mini Spider was an unmanned combat vehicle. It appeared it MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf


The Mini Spider was reverse engineered by the Word of Blake from Jerome Blake's ancient Spider 'Mech after the 'Mech was discovered hidden in the swamps of Thestria and fell into the hands of Nemesis. The Mini Spider was created to be an automaton like its larger predecessor - a vehicle without a human pilot instead controlled by an onboard computer. While the original Spider 'Mech was created using data from one of Jerome Blake's Five Data Cores, the Mini Spider incorporated technologies from three separate cores: the Armor Core which gave it the power to Neuro-hack BattleMechs, the Plasma Core which allowed it to be outfitted with advanced PPCs, and the Data Key which was required to use the other two cores in unison and further amplified the power of the other cores.


The Mini Spider has 3 offensive options:

  • A Crossbow Missile launcher, which is not very dangerous on its own but can overwhelm a 'Mech when fired in great numbers.
  • A Plasma PPC, though less powerful than the PPCs seen on other 'Mechs such as the Blood Asp and Star Adder.
  • A Neuro-hack function, which it can use to great effect to eject an unsuspecting pilot from his 'Mech.

Attack Pattern[]

Mini Spiders are only dangerous when they are able to mass up and overwhelm an enemy 'Mech. They do not have much armor and can be destroyed very easily, so they depend on their agility to run around to the sides and rear of hostile 'Mechs and remain out of the enemy's field of fire while also firing their Crossbow Missiles. Mini Spiders will work as a team to disorient and wear down a targeted 'Mech, with one always angling to jump onto the hostile 'Mech to perform a Neuro-hack while the rest of the squad hold the enemy pilot's attention. When a Mini Spider jumps to perform a Neuro-hack they are unable to correct their course in mid-air due to lacking JumpJets, therefore if an opposing pilot sees the Mini Spider about to jump then the attack can be easily avoided by simply side stepping. Mini Spiders are equipped with a PPC, which is unheard of for vehicles of their size and makes up the main firepower of the vehicle. However, Mini Spiders must remain stationary while charging and firing their PPC, leaving them vulnerable to enemy fire while they are sitting still.