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The Nova Cat is a whole new breed, featuring lasers, lasers, and more lasers." -MechAssault 2 Manual


The Nova Cat is a BattleMech featured in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. It is commonly seen operating as a main BattleMech for the Word Of Blake. Its primary weapon consists of rapid fire, enhanced laser cannons unique from any other 'Mech and a machine gun as the secondary weapon. Its defense ability is Reflective Armor. Even though it is classified as a heavy-class 'Mech, its armor is limited due to its incredibly powerful and heavy weapons load. The heat management on this Mech is also a major weakness, however, but the machine gun can be used while the lasers cool down. Effective mainly from medium to close range combat. A variant called the Wendigo is a counterpart more effective for the Nova's flaws.


The Nova Cat carries 5 Heavy Lasers and a back up Machine Gun. The 5 heavy lasers can create moderate damage but also cause over heating in the process. It is best to fire in short volleys, but even short volleys cause a significant amount of heat to be generated. The machine gun should only be used if the 'Mech has overheated and still needs to fight back. Unfortunately, any 'Mechs with reflective armor can easily stand toe-to-toe with this 'Mech because the Nova Cat is reliant on its energy based weapons. The best way to use this 'Mech is to run towards your opponent firing your lasers and then when you get into close range start using your machine gun waiting for your heat to cool down. Once cooled down, start firing your lasers again.


Although the Nova Cat suffers from having a weapons set completely devoted to energy weapons, it is still considered a heavy 'Mech but it lacks a missile based weapon. For a Mech of this class, the Nova Cat is quite fast being able to keep up with an Uziel or Belial. Not carrying jump-jets, the Nova Cat is still highly maneuverable. It also comes with reflective armor, which decreases the amount of damage taken from energy weapons by 70%.

MechAssault 2[]

  • Mech Defense (On a scale from 1-10): 7
  • Mech Speed: 23 mph
  • Tonnage: 70
  • Weapons: Medium Laser (enhanced) x5, Machine Gun x1
  • Defensive/Special Weapon: Reflective Armor


  • The Nova Cat carries the single most amount of Medium Lasers seen on a Mech, totaling 5 Lasers.
  • It is also the Mech that Nemesis' champion uses in the Campaign on the level: Skin the Cat.
  • Going by assumption, Nemesis' champion used either a Nova Cat or Wendigo to capture Major Natalia.
  • The Nova Cat can be seen at the beginning of the final cutscene as Lt. Foster is walking toward Major Natalia and The Mechwarrior.