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Owens Render.jpeg

Energy Weapon:
Ballistic Weapon:
Missile Weapon:
Target Jamming (Mech1)
Reactive Armor (Mech2)
Max Speed:
45 MPH/72 KMPH
Mech Variant:

"Major, I'm reading heavy COM's chatter from the enemy base. Looks like they have a 'Mech...light, it looks like an Owens." - Lt. Foster to Major Natalia

"The Owens is extremely versatile and touts an arsenal of weapons that provide striking power at close range. It is one of the fastest 'Mechs, very well armored, and well suited for reconnaissance." -MechAssault 2 Manual


The Owens holds the title of fastest 'Mech in the game. That's it.


The Owens sacrifices power and JumpJets for raw speed. Its only source of damage is the Crossbow SRMs, as the Machine guns are useless at longer ranges. It needs all weapons at maximum level to do anything of value, but falls flat anyways due to its abysmal damage output.


Sadly, the MechAssault 2 Manual lies: this 'Mech does not have the health to take repeated attacks, and even with its Reactive Shield dampening shots from ballistic weaponry, the Owens is so frail that it will die regardless. The 'Mech was blessed with Target Jamming in MechAssault 1, making it the hardest target to hit in the game. However, it was given reactive armor in MechAssault2, which weakens its defensive viability to the point that almost anything else is better. However, one of its key points is the speed tier, which means that at least it can outrun anything chasing it.

Tactical Analysis[]

Do not use this 'Mech for combat, it will not achieve anything in battle. Even amongst its Light-class brethren it will not do anything spectacular. Abuse its special abilities to the fullest and redirect all shots to the 'Mech if possible, allowing teammates with more firepower to deal with opponents. Even its salvage drops are bad, as on death it will only drop a small amount of health salvage. However, it does have some value as a flag runner, especially in Mech1 where it was given target jamming. Otherwise: use anything else.


  • The Owens is the first 'Mech that is fought in MechAssault
  • The Owens had more health than the cougar