POV Turret

POV Turret

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This is the POV turret. It isn't the best weapon of choice, but it does have potential as a defensive measure.


The POV turret has two loadouts of weapons. The first loadout is the most common: 1x POV missile and 1x medium laser, forced at level 2 for the color. The unique thing is that the laser fires faster than the standard lasers. The POV missile is exclusive to the turrets. This weapon does medium damage, equivalent to a single level 3 Javelin missile. The next loadout is 1x Gauss rifle and 1x Pulse Laser. For defenses it has a variation of the legendary LosTech shield from MechAssault 1, built specifically for the turrets.


There are specifically 2 variations of the turret. The first is the most common, and the second is exclusive to the campaign in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf.