Particle Projection Cannon


Particle Projection Cannon-PPC
Medium to Long
Charge Time:
Short (Low Power) Moderate (Full Power)
Lock On:
Weapons Set:



An Uziel Charging It's Twin PPC's

The Particle Projection Cannon, or PPC for short is more powerful then both the Pulse Laser and Heavy Laser. The PPC cannon can be seen is sets of 1 or 2. It creates a moderate amount of heat that will cause overheating if repeatedly fired. Particle Projection Cannons require a charge time before being fired. Minimal charge will do less damage then full charge. However no matter the charge level when fired It will always create the same amount of heat. The PPC cannons also require a certain amount of charge before being able to fire. If this charge level isn't met and the player tries to fire, the cannons reset, and must be charged again in order to fire.


  • The Puma, the only Mech that has Null-Signature and the PPC, charging the PPC well Null-Sig is active, the charging Blue ball is not covered by Null-Sig, which can be seen.
  • The 3rd upgrade of the PPC causes the projectile to travel slightly slower.
  • In MechAssault 1, the Uziel can have it's arms blown off, rendering the PPC's unusable.
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