MechAssault Wiki


Primary Weapon:
3x Medium Lasers
Secondary Weapon:
2x Gauss Rifles
Tertiary Weapon:
2x Hammer Missiles (N-THEM's)
MA: AMS MA2: Alpha Strike
Max Speed:
20 Mph/ 32 Km/h
Mech Variant:


The Prometheus is the variant to the Atlas, having a completely different chassis and load out. Eventually, the Atlas design was incorporated into the Prometheus design to denote that the two are cousins. Like the Atlas, it carries powerful weapon systems and some of the heaviest armor out on the battlefield.


The Prometheus steps up the firepower even further than it's cousin, the Atlas. The Prometheus carries a grand total of three Medium Lasers, two Gauss Rifles, and two Hammer Missiles (N-THEM's) all of which, do not create excess amounts of heat unless fired continuously The Hammer Missiles carry the bulk of the "punch" so to speak in terms of firepower in the Prometheus, and are usually spammed by pilots. The triple Medium Lasers available should be used in moderation. Unlike the Gauss Rifles or the twin Hammer Missiles, the Medium Lasers create the most heat in the shortest time span. Lastly, the dual Gauss Rifles featured are best in use for long range engagements fighting Heavy-Class or higher 'Mechs, where overheating issues are maintained by the longer reload time.


The weapons load on the Prometheus will act as a deterrent to other 'Mechs. Even Assault-Class 'Mechs should engage a Prometheus with extreme caution. The Prometheus is rugged, slow, and not highly maneuverable, and in which the Prometheus needs to proceed with caution. Having another 'Mech escorting the Prometheus is the best defense for this 'Mech, being that it is a huge target. The armor on the Prometheus provides high protection and is even capable of withstanding an Alpha-Strike. The Prometheus also carries the AMS (Anti-Missile System) in the original MechAssault.


  • It is assumed that a Prometheus was the Mech that destroyed Alpha Lance in the first MechAssault game cut scene "Enter Wasteland" due to Alpha Lance's 'Mechs being hit repeatedly by overcharged Medium Lasers and Gauss Riffles.
    • However it is also possible that Alpha was destroyed by Strader piloting Ragnarok and Strader's Champion piloting his Thor since together they use the same weapon configurations, and because Alpha 4 reported unknown reading on his sensors that logically could only be generated by Ragnarok.
  • Prometheus is the Greek God that is credited with having created humanity but was later banished by Zeus after giving man fire.
  • The weight of the Prometheus is unspecified in-game, but BattleTech canon indicates the Atlas II- a mech of similar appearance, size and armament- as weighing 100 tons, typical of an Assault-class BattleMech.