Sir, twin Puma's, outbound from the base~Lt Foster



Primary Weapon:
1x PPC
Secondary Weapon:
2x Crossbow Missile (SRM's)
Tertiary Weapon:
2x Machine Guns
Null Signature
Max Speed:
40 Mph/ 64Km/h
Mech Variant:


The Puma is a scout class Mech with the Null Signature ability which allows for short term cloaking of the Mech until heat builds up and causes cloaking failure, being fired upon, or the cloak shutting down after use. Also equiped with Jump-Jets, the Puma can drop down from higher elevations, attack, then run off with Null Sig activated. This Mech was built for sneak attacks.


This is the lightest Mech to carry the PPC cannon, it only however, possesses a single PPC cannon, rather then the standard twin PPC's seen on other Mechs. In addition to it's long range PPC, the Mech also carries two Crossbow SRM launchers on each of the shoulders of the Mech firing 2 missiles at a time and for when the Mech is over heating the pilot can switch to it's dual Machine Guns mounted to the left and right of the cockpit.


This is one of the best Mechs to use if one is looking to be stealthy. This is because the Puma is equipped with both Null Signature, turning the Mech invisible for a short time, and the most powerful (standard) energy weapons seen in the entire game: the PPC. This Mech, like most other scout Mechs is also equipped with Jump-Jets with allow for short term flight with the Mech and allow access to high elevations that a Mech would not normally be able to Reach.


  • Weight: 35
  • Speed: 30
  • Maximum Health: 109
  • Cool Rate: 10
  • Additional Components: JumpJets, Null Sig
  • Armor: 2714
  • Weapons: PPC, Machine gun, Crossbow SRM

MechAssault 2:Edit

  • Weight: 36
  • Speed: 30
  • Maximum Health: 109
  • Cool Rate: 10
  • Additional Components: JumpJets, Null Sig.
  • Armor: 2714
  • Weapons: PPC, Machine Gun, Crossbow SRM


  • With Null Signature activated, the PPC cannon being charged can still be seen. AI will not notice this. In mulitplayer however, most pilots will notice the PPC floating in the air for no reason.
  • Not to be confused with the Adder, a clan 'mech nicknamed the Puma by Inner Sphere analysts.