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"Sir, twin Puma's, outbound from the base." - Foster


Considered the superior variant compared to the Cougar, the Puma is able to carry its own weight, retaining the same mobility as the Cougar but with a superior weapons system and possibly a better ability in Null Signature, which enables it to become almost invisible to the naked eye. The Puma is meant to be a better close-range fighter, with a single PPC that can deal significant damage at higher levels, and Crossbow SRMs with Machine Guns, weapons that work best up close and personal.


The Pumas that appear in the MechAssault series are not true Pumas: "Puma" is a codename for another older 'Mech model known as the "Adder", which does not appear in MechAssault. The Adder is the 'Mech that the Cougar's design was later based on. In MechAssault, Foster dubs his custom configuration of the Cougar featuring a PPC the Puma due to lack of a better name.


This is the lightest Mech to carry the Particle Projection Cannon (PPC.) It only possesses a single PPC rather then the standard twin PPC's seen on other 'Mechs. Additionally, the Puma also carries Crossbow SRMs and dual Machine Guns, complementing its Null Signature ability by being rapid fire weapons that won't leave too much of a trail. The SRMs and machine guns should be used to deliver chip damage, or when heat levels are high. JumpJets should be used to jump on opposing 'Mechs for an additional form of damage.


This is one of the best 'Mechs to consider for stealth missions. This is because the Puma is equipped with both Null Signature, turning the Mech invisible for a short time, and the most powerful (standard) energy weapon seen in the entire game: the PPC. The Puma is able to fare alone in fights better than the Cougar due to being able to cloak with Null Signature, evading enemy detection while preparing a retaliatory strike, or seek cover behind buildings. Its speed and JumpJets should also be used for additional mobility, and to evade incoming fire, since the 'Mech is very frail.

Tactical Analysis[]

The Puma is far better than its base counterpart, as it actually has an ability (and a useful one at that), and while it carries a modest weapons platforms it can still function as a dangerous hidden threat. It is advised to upgrade the PPC at least once, and to stick with a heavier teammate in case things get rough. The Puma can also threaten the opposing team indirectly by stealing salvage without being easily detected. The Null Signature ability helps in avoiding damage by making the 'Mech really hard to hit, making it a good distraction while heavier teammates pummel away at the opponents.

In MechAssault 2 it is very hard to get ahold of this 'Mech, as the only map one would see the 'Mech in regular play is the DLC map "Barrier Reef," but the playstyle remains the same.


  • With Null Signature activated, the PPC cannon being charged can still be seen. The AI will not notice this, but opposing pilots in multiplayer will question why a ball of energy is floating in the air for no reason.
  • The Puma in the 'Mech Selection screen videos appeared to have had 1x Machine Guns and 4x Crossbow Missiles, this was later changed to what we have today. Many other previews exhibit similar pecularities, such as the Ragnarok having 4 Pulse Lasers.