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"The Raptor combines maneuverability with tremendously effective short-range weaponry, which makes it great in a close- or medium-range skirmish." -MechAssault 2 manual


The Raptor is a Medium 'Mech with a weapons pack that could potentially rival Heavy Mechs. It weighs in at 40 tonnes and can travel at 30 Mph. More suited for support rather than taking on other 'Mechs head on, the Raptor should be used for capturing objectives than fighting. This is the only Medium 'Mech to sport Null Signature. The Raptor has enough firepower and speed to successfully engage other Mechs of heavier classes. Even Assault Class 'Mechs, such as the Atlas should engage a Raptor with extreme caution.


Raptor render.jpeg
Official render

The missile launchers attached to the Raptor's shoulders both fire two Crossbow SRM's at a time, on base level. Totaling 4 missiles per-trigger pull. It also come equipped with a dual alternating Pulse Laser for weak enemies, tanks, infantry and BattleArmor. It also possesses dual Auto-Cannons for medium range engagements. The missile packs should be upgraded at least once before being used when fighting other Mechs since the Crossbow Missiles do not do much damage and work better when they are "swarmed" by the pilot.


The Raptor, which is the only Medium Mech to carry Null Signature, is the ideal Mech for objective based games, such as Capture the Flag, Check it, etc.. With the firepower built in with the speed that it carries, it can literally "run and gun" down enemies. The Raptor should use its Null Signature when heavier Mechs are in proximity to the Mech, or when infiltrating enemy strongholds, choke points, or otherwise, hostile areas.

MechAssault 2

  • Mech Defense (On a scale of 1-10): 5
  • Mech Speed: 32 mph
  • Tonnage: 40
  • Weapons: Alternating Pulse Laser x1, Autocannon x2, Crossbow SRM x4
  • Defensive/Special Weapon: Jump-Jets, Null Sig


  • On planet Dante, a Word of Blake Raptor downed by the MechWarrior was salvaged, and found to be carrying the Stealth-Null Signature Data Core.
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