Primary Weapon:
2x Machine Guns
Secondary Weapon:
2x alternating crossbow missile (SRM's)
Tertiary Weapon:
1x Laser
Null Signature
Max Speed:
40 Mph/ 64 Km/H
Mech Variant:


The Raven, like other Mechs of it's class has the same traits: light, speedy, maneuverable, and carries a small profile. All of these traits should be exploited to the highest level. The Raven is the variant of the main chassis that sports the Corvus, which unlike typical Mechs where the variant is considered "better" the Raven is only superior in Ballistic weapons, and the fact that it has stealth systems. The Raven if in the hands of the right pilot should be engaged with caution. However, novice pilots will have a hard time using the Raven successfully, and should avoid this Mech. The Raven should only be used by experienced pilots only.


The Raven has dual machine guns, one medium laser, and 2 alternating crossbow missile SRMs.The Mech was made for the same purpose as the Hackman and Puma which is its stealth capabilities, the null signature can throw off most off the weary or inexperienced getting hosed by the machine guns. The Mech can prove useful against heavier Mechs when fully upgraded. The Mech most likely does not have jumpjets like the Corvus, but has missiles instead to make up for it.


The Raven has the Null Signature ability, rendering the entire Mech invisible when the heat sinks are cooled, and the Mech is not moving overly fast. The Raven should abuse the Null Signature to the point of relying on it to do damage. Other than Null Signature and its speed/stealth, there are no other abilities


  • The Raven is not seen at all during the Campaign of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. On top that, there is a misconception of what the Mech's weapons are, it actually has

1x medium laser 2x machine gun 2x alternating crossbow missile