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The Raven is another of the 4 DLC 'Mechs introduced in MechAssault 1. Unlike the Corvus this 'Mech has a complete weapons platform, at the cost of no JumpJets. It is required to be downloaded for online play. It is also another of the light Null Sig 'Mechs, and the least viable.


The Raven has a small arrangement of a singular Laser, backed up by dual Machine Guns and dual Crossbow Missiles. These are not the best weapons on what is supposed to be the "better" variant, but they get the job done. It does not carry JumpJets, unlike the other 3 stealth 'Mechs, so wall-walking is essential for it to function.


It was given Null Signature, which allows it to avoid enemy fire


  • The Raven is not seen at all during the Campaign of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, and is extremely hard to find in multiplayer.