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Reign of Thunder is an cancelled Mech game from Day 1 Studios, the developers of the MechAssault series. While the game will not be using any Mechs from previous MechAssault games (the IP is owned by Smith and Tinker who is also developing MechWarrior Online) ,the game will still have a familiar feel to that of the MechAssault games. The game will be a PC exclusive and will not be available for the Xbox 360.


Day 1 Studios announced they'd be returning to the Mech genre for their next game. It was originally believed they would be developing MechAssault 3, however they no longer own the rights to develop more MechAssault games. As a result, they had to create a new IP and use completely new assetts. The game is currently cancelled.


Reign of Thunder is a F2P online game. It does not include a single player campaign mode at the moment. Its multiplayer will supposedly follow a similar style to that of MechAssault 2's multiplayer mode. Players will pilot mechs and compete against each other.

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