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The only driveable tank (besides the Goblin) in any MechAssault game, the Rhommel is a versatile and resilient tank. It is not to be underestimated as a experienced tank jockey could possibly one on one a scout 'Mech and can be an extreme annoyance to assault 'Mechs as it is very easy to shoot their legs.


The Rhommel is equipped with a unique "gravity cannon" which has two side-by-side barrels that fire consecutively. The cannons special ability is its zoom function able to hit far away targets with ease. The gravity cannon is designed to hit 'Mechs in the legs.[1] The Rhommel is also equipped with two Machine guns for suppressive fire and anti infantry means. A Rhommel in a multiplayer game is played as a long range harasser, using the gravity cannon to knock over priority targets for easy damage. The Rhommel can even cause an assault mech to fire off its alpha strike if it's fully charged when knocked over.


As a tank the Rhommel may not have the same amount of health as a light 'Mech but the tank has a low profile and a Null Signature ability which means it can traverse around the edges of a map and sneak up behind enemy 'Mechs. It is best played as a support tank along other 'Mechs to slowly chip away health and knock down enemy 'Mechs.


  • The Rhommel is the only derivable tank in the MechAssault series, exempting the Goblin which was cut.
  • The Rhommel can be picked up by the VTOL, and can fire like the BattleArmor, though it does not get level 4 gravity cannons.
  • The null signature ability is available only during certain campaign missions and multiplayer, and is also the longest lasting version compared to 'Mechs.



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