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"Sir, that's a Star Adder. Perhaps the meanest assault 'Mech ever made." - Foster


Made by clan Star Adder, the Star Adder is one of six Assault Class 'Mechs in the game. Although the lightest of the other 'Mechs of it's class, weighing in at 100 tons, it is also the slowest 'Mech, and can be outran even by the Atlas. It is seen only in two missions of the Campaign of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, and only featured in a few multiplayer maps. And is only one of two 'Mechs in the game to feature the Plasma PPC weapons set fired from the large cannons mounted to both shoulders. Very effective against the Ymir.


Carrying rapid firing twin Plasma PPC cannons, and with four Auto-Cannons that are shot from the 'arms' of the 'Mech, the Star Adder is built to be effective at all ranges. For long range combat, it's suggested that the Auto-Cannons are used as they travel faster then the Plasma PPC's. Medium range combat is best left to the Plasma PPC's. And for close combat, this Mech has a Flame Thrower that causes heat to be transferred into other 'Mechs, aside from wrecking armor. Normally Flame Throwers will cause the mech to heat up a lot faster, but the Star Adder will never overheat from using the Flamethrower.

Star Adder charging its Alpha Strike


Although having no special abilities, the chassis the Star Adder is built on is very stable because of the slower speed at which the Mech travels at. This means that the Mech itself is extremely hard to knock over and anyone with goals of doing so should think twice before trying to. The Flamethrower should be viewed as the MechAssault smoke screen, when damage starts to pile, use the Flamethrower and retreat, the smoke and of course the fire, will deter Mechs from following, and keep Mechs at a safe range.

MechAssault 2[]

  • Mech Defense (On a scale from 1-10): 8
  • Mech Speed: 19 mph
  • Tonnage: 100
  • Weapons: Plasma PPC x2, Autocannon x4, Flamethrower x1
  • Defensive/Special Weapon: Alpha Strike


  • The Star Adder is one of 2 Mechs that carries the Flamethrower, the other being the Stiletto.
  • The PPC's on the Star Adder, are slightly weaker then it's cousin the Blood Asp.
  • Being an Assault Class Mech, and because of the chassis the Star Adder is built on, it is very stable and extremely hard to knock the Star Adder over.
  • In Mechassault Phantom War, the Star Adder uses a Lava Gun instead of a FlameThrower.