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"I prepped the Stiletto 'Mech we salvaged back on planet Dante, should be just the ride you want for jungle fighting." -Lt. Foster

"The Stiletto is a variant of the Raptor that includes a flamer (which overheats and weakens enemy weapons, as well as does damage) and a gauss rifle, and trades null sig stealth for reactive armor mod." -MechAssault 2 Manual


The Stiletto is first used by the MechWarrior on Thestria. The Medium 'Mech is fast, even for it's class, and is one of two 'Mechs to carry the Flamethrower weapon (the other being the Star Adder). This is one of few 'Mechs suited for point-blank engagements, and is capable of doing damage at all ranges with its weapon set. The Stiletto should be engaged at medium ranges where only its missile packs pose a threat. The Stiletto should not be engaged in close ranges as the Flamethrower will do massive damage even to heavy and assault class 'Mechs, as well as cause overheating to itself and onto other 'Mechs. In a large group of scout or fast medium mechs, it can be used for lightning strikes.


  • Flamer- The Stiletto's short-range weapon is lethal against infantry and lightly armored targets, but can also inflict significant damage on tanks and BattleMechs with time. The weapon generates a high amount of heat, meaning that it is not practical to fire it for very long. If the Stiletto is standing in water, this helps cool the Mech but does not completely negate the heat generation of the Flamethrower.
  • Crossbow Missiles- Four are mounted, and when fully upgraded can shoot 12 missiles per trigger pull.
  • Gauss Rifle- Intended for use at longer ranges; the Gauss Rifle is accurate and powerful, but slow to fire.


The Stiletto has Reactive Armor, which reduces the amount of damage done by ballistic weapons by 70%; this is best activated when the primary weapon on an enemy 'Mech or Tank is either the Auto-Cannon or Gauss Rifle, both of which cause more damage per-trigger pull than the Machine Gun, which is highly inaccurate at ranges beyond point-blank, and the Machine Gun is only a major threat when seen in 4 to a single Mech (the Thor, or the Blood Asp). The Stiletto also has Jump-Jets, which should be used when reaching vantage points, or evading missiles. Lastly, the Stiletto is fast, capable of keeping up with even scout 'Mechs over short distances.

MechAssault 2[]

  • Mech Defense (On a scale from 1-10): 5
  • Mech Speed: 32 mph
  • Tonnage: 40
  • Weapons: FlameThrower x1, Gauss Rifle x1, Crossbow SRM x4
  • Defensive/Special Weapon: Reactive Armor


  • The Stiletto is the first mech the player uses with a flamethrower.
  • This is one of two Mechs that carry the Flamethrower weapon in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, the other being the Star Adder Assault Mech.