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The Summoner was built for close range engagements, having only weapons that are effective at close ranges, the pilot must keep close to the action if they want to have any effective damage dealt. Classed as a heavy 'Mech, the Summoner is still quite fast, being able to reach speeds of 30 miles per hour, and possessing JumpJets it is also capable of flight. The Summoner's weapons system was built around large amounts of damage at close range


The lightest 'Mech available with quad Pulse Lasers, the Summoner is capable of running while shooting effectively. The Pulse Lasers do not track, but are fast enough that keeping the reticule over an enemy will almost always result in a hit, at short to slightly more moderate ranges. Also equipped with dual Auto-Cannons, the ballistics, is once again on this 'Mech only effective at close to moderate ranges, use the Auto-Cannons combined with the Pulse Lasers to take out other 'Mechs. A single Warhammer Missile is featured on the Summoner, again restricted to close ranges.


  • Oddly enough, probably due to a misunderstanding of the original BattleTech 'Mech naming conventions, the Summoner is a variant of the Thor, whereas the two are canonically the same 'Mech, with "Summoner" the 'Mech's original name, 'Thor' being it's nickname
  • In the MechAssault mission Payback, Lieutenant Foster suggests the Summoner or the Thor to the MechWarrior for the mission of ambushing Strader's second in command.