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The Talon DropShip is a Lance sized 'Mech Carrier. It appears in the MechAssault series.


The Talon DropShip is an Aerodyne type 'Mech Carrier, built with an aerodynamic hull shape similar to conventional aircraft. The Talon is a light DropShip capable of transporting a Lance of 'Mechs and rapidly deploying them from its side drop bays via hot-drop.


As an Aerodyne type ship, the Talon cannot land or take off without a runway, limiting the areas that it can operate. In addition, Aerodyne type ships are generally much more expensive to produce than Spheroid type ships, which are not bound to the same operational limitations as Aerodyne ships. Furthermore, the Talon is much smaller than the typical Spheroid type ship, and has a limited carrying capacity.


However, as an Aerodyne ship the Talon is significantly faster than Spheroid ships and capable of much more stable flight. Due to it's reduced carrying capacity, the Talon also has the benefit of being equipped with more weapons systems than most other 'Mech Carriers of similar size as a result of having less tonnage to carry and being able to justify the weight of additional weapons. Lastly, due to it's side bay doors the Talon is capable of hot-dropping it's 'Mechs much faster than most other DropShips, which is a necessity since Aerodyne ships cannot land without proper infrastructure and therefore can only deploy 'Mechs in strategic zones by hot-dropping.


Talon DropShip's are seen repeatedly throughout the MechAssault series. In MechAssault, they are normally seen hot-dropping Mech's to the ground. In Lone Wolf, they are used as mobile bases and grounded in most areas they are seen.


  • The Talon DropShip was introduced in the BattleTech video game MechWarrior 4, and it has made no other appearances in the BattleTech universe outside of the MechAssault series.
  • The Dropship Alera crashes at the start of Lone Wolf is an unmarked Talon-Class DropShip.
  • DropShips belonging to the Word of Blake, are marked with their Bloodied Handprint Symbol on the bay doors.