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"Oh crap! That looks like a Timber Wolf or a Mad Cat! With Friends!" - Foster


The Timber Wolf is a variant of the Mad Cat, but swaps the Mad Cat's four Javelin missiles and dual PPC's for four Crossbow missiles and dual pulse lasers. The Timber Wolf also trades in the Mad Cat's machine guns for dual Gauss rifles. The Timber Wolf sacrifices both long range missiles and long range energy weapons for close quarters in both fields, but instead, has the 2x Gauss Rifles to compensate for the loss. It is recommended to engage in either close-range or long-range skirmishes, as the Timber Wolf lacks powerful mid-range combat capabilities.


As said in the above, the Timber Wolf comes armed with only close range and long range weapons. It is armed with Gauss rifles for long range engagements, and dual pulse lasers and quad Crossbow missiles for close range. It is suggested that you make use of the Crossbow missiles over the dual pulse lasers at close range for quick amounts of damage rather than sustained fire from the weaker Pulse Lasers. The Gauss rifles however, are only practically applicable on slow/stationary targets, or extremely far away ones. The tracking ability on the Gauss Rifles is not the best in game, and should only be used at long ranges where the shots will have time to turn.


The most underestimated thing about the Timber Wolf is that it's slow bulky chassis doesn't allow it much speed, when in fact, the Timber Wolf is relatively quick for a Heavy Mech. However, in MechAssault in terms of Abilities, the Timber Wolf has nothing, in MechAssault 2 the Timber Wolf gets upgraded to point-defense Anti-Missile systems.


  • In MechAssault 1, the Timber Wolf becomes available for the mission "Thor on the Rocks".
  • In MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, two Timber Wolfs are fought during the mission "Go Time on Thestria".