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"Major, I'm picking up an enemy 'Mech. Looks like a light scout - an Uller." - Foster


The Uller is one of the most commonly seen 'Mechs in both the MechAssault and MechAssault 2 campaigns. Being able to combine speed and firepower into a light 'Mech chassis the Uller is one of the few Light Class 'Mechs that can take on heavier classes. This is because the Uller is the only Light Mech to have 2x Medium Lasers on it, being able to kill a tank in just 2 hits. The Uller, unlike other Light Mechs, has the ability to engage enemies at medium ranges without having to worry about poor firing rates. Having Jump-Jets and Reflective Armor Shielding, making good use of both of these makes this Mech very fearsome, although it is regarded as an "easy" kill. The Uller in the hands of the right pilot should be engaged with caution. Also quite annoying in groups of 2 to 3 when you are in a heavy or assault mech.


The Uller is the only scout 'Mech that carries dual Medium Lasers, meaning it's able to pick off enemies over moderate ranges. Keeping it safe from weapons such as the Machine Gun, Pulse Laser, and Crossbow Missiles. As its second weapon, the Uller has dual Crossbow Missiles, which should be switched to when the 'Mech starts to overheat. However, the Uller has the dual Medium Lasers at the cost of a third slot for a weapon. No ballistic weapons are present in this chassis.


All of the Light Mechs carry the same traits: high speed, small profile, and agile. The Uller is no different, but carries a bit more of a punch in the Energy weapons then other Mechs of it's class. The Uller is also equipped with JumpJets, and in MechAssault 2, Reflective Armor Shielding. The Reflective Armor should be activated when engaging with 'Mechs with energy weapons as their primary weapon, notably the Puma, and Uziel, which all have the PPC as their primary weapon.


  • In BattleTech Canon, Uller is the Inner Sphere name for the Kit Fox BattleMech
  • Two Ullers are seen attacking Alera in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf
  • An Uller and a Kit Fox are the level mini-bosses in the MechAssault campaign mission "Dry Me Out".