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MechAssault like all games has had things cut out during development. This article contains unused/removed features from MechAssault and its sequel MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf.

MechAssault Cut Content[]

  • The Catapult, Vulture and Uller 'Mechs all have unused preview videos, hinting that they were originally intended to be used in the campaign. Each video's 'Mech loadout is different from the final configuration that appears in-game.[1]
  • The Ragnarok's preview video shows that it originally had 4x Pulse Lasers.
  • It is possible that all 'Mechs may have been intended to have JumpJets due to the Mad Cat, Atlas, Ragnarok and Vulture all having working JumpJets. (The vulture is the only one seen using it though)[2]
  • Before release the chaff had a different model and blue colored flare.
  • There is an unused yellow colored Pulse Laser that have been seen used by the Cougar and Uller. What it did is currently unknown.
  • In the unused Uller preview, the loadout used is 1x Gauss cannon, 2x Javelin missiles and yellow pulse lasers x2.
  • Javelin Missiles appeared to fire much faster in the unused preview videos
  • In an animated sequence for one of the trailers, it shows an Altas and Cougar duking it out with PPC like projectiles. It is possible that this was the old laser projectiles. (Cannot find source as of yet)
  • MechAssault was meant to be a top down shooter at some point in development.
  • Early versions of MechAssault had a completely different looking HUD.[3]

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MechAssault 2 Cut Content[]

  • The BattleArmor's laser was originally blue instead of the standard upgrading colors.
  • The BattleArmor originally hijacked 'Mechs by shooting their back. (Or at this point in time they could only damage the 'Mech) [4]
  • Promotional artwork of the VTOL shows it using its frontal cannon.
  • There are a few unused multiplayer maps simply titled as "Null Map #".
  • Null Map #3 features an unused tank called “Goblin Tank”.
  • Neuro-hack had a different interface, looking much more technical but didn't effect gameplay.
  • In an early trailer, the MechWarrior had a different design of darker colors and blue lights.
  • BatleArmor was originally meant to be able to hijack Rhommel Tanks as well as 'Mechs.
  • Multiplayer had 'Mech bays as possible spawn locations, though it is unknown if this was to exclusive to certain game modes.
  • The VTOL has a second model with Dragoon red paint accents that appears in a cut-scene during the mission End Game but is never used during gameplay or cinematics.
  • Trailers showed that originally there were supposed to be friendly infantry units wearing blue armor, however none appear in the finished game.
  • In trailers Natalia originally had a different outfit with her wearing a tank-top shirt.
Content from here is relating to the early version of the Mechassault 2 Trailer provided by Dar Ten himself[5][]
  • Natalia had a different more drab look more like her appearance in MechAssault.
  • The MechWarrior had a darker overall look with blue lights and a more visible face.
  • The BattleArmor could also hijack tanks.

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