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Welcome guys. I am Herobrine and this is my user page. That is all for now but I do have an addition to this page.


160 x 160px

Primary Weapon:
Lava Gun
Secondary Weapon:
4x Large Lasers
Tertiary Weapon:
4x Machine Guns
Quaternary Weapon:
4x Crossbow Missiles
LosTech Shield
Max Speed:
18 Mph/ 29 Kph
Mech Variant:
To be announced



The Armageddon 'Mech is one of my custom builds that I decided to come up with. It is a variation of the Ragnarok and Ymir 'Mechs that exist in the MechAssault series.

Basically it is a heavily-armored version of said 'Mechs. Its armor level surpasses that of the Atlas 'Mech, which is supposed to be the toughest 'Mech in the entire MechAssault universe. But this is understandable since the Armageddon is a close-range version of Ragnarok specialized for skirmishes up close and personal. It has the quad Machine Guns, made to tear through anything and everything in its path. Also it has quad Crossbow missiles, which can be dangerous if "swarmed" (a tactic that means spamming upgraded Crossbow missiles), even at level 2. It also has quad laser cannons, which are even more powerful than the triple lasers found in Prometheus. And finally it has the legendary "Lava Gun" which remains unchanged. For defenses it has the LosTech shield, but this shield is unique because it combines the fast recharge and invincibility of the Shield in MechAssault 1 with the long duration of the Shield in MechAssault 2. This is a near-unstoppable force that shouldn't be taken lightly, as even an Atlas with Alpha Strike can be beaten quite easily with the Armageddon 'Mech. The only weakness found on this 'Mech is its low speed, but this is made up by all of the strengths listed above.

The 'Mech is currently under production.


Current Version: 1.0

Updated versions: None (for now)

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