Primary Weapon:
2x PPC's
Secondary Weapon:
1x Crossbow Missile (SRM's)
Tertiary Weapon:
1x Machine Gun
MA: AMS MA2: Reflective Armor Shielding
Max Speed:
35 Mph/ 56 Km/h
Mech Variant:

"Sirs, I just wanted to let you know that I got our Uziel that was damaged in the crash up and running. It's a medium Mech with a bit more firepower. And could be helpful in the next mission." - Lt. Foster


Every class of Mech each has a single Mech that carries the PPC, the Uziel is the Medium Mech that does. The primary weapon of the Uziel are the twin PPC cannons. These extremely powerful energy weapons are capable of destroying an Elemental in a single shot. The PPC cannons are actually powerful enough to knock out a Mad Cat after four shots when at level 3 upgrade. The drawback is that since 80% of the Uziel's firepower is locked in the twin PPC's, it overheats extremely easily, and that both of it's other weapons are under-powered considerably. The Uziel's chassis allows for speeds of 35 Mph. This high speed allows the Uziel to outrun any other Mech of it's class or heavier, minus the Nova Cat and Wendigo. Pilots of the Uziel need to focus on using the PPC's for dealing with other Mechs, and only letting go of the trigger if a shot is going to be 100% accurate. The color scheme of the Uziel gives it an advantage as it can blend in with it's surroundings, making it the perfect sentry.  Players who are focused in the heat of battle will most likely ignore the Uziel, thus allowing for an easy kill/.


The Uziel's firepower is packed into the twin PPC's. Because of this, the Uziel suffers from major overheating problems. The PPC's can fire a total of 4 times before overheating if done in quick succession. Any Mech that has Reflective Armor Shielding will have a clear advantage when fighting an Uziel. This is because the weapons systems on the Uziel other then the twin PPC's are very weak. The Uziel carries a single Crossbow Missile, and a single Machine Gun, neither of which have the rate of fire, or the damage per shot to deal a substantial amount of damage to other Mechs.


  • The Uziel is the first Medium Mech available to the player in MechAssault
  • It is also the first Medium Mech seen in MechAssault
  • The Uziel can travel at speeds of 35 Mph, which makes it the fastest Mech of it's class.