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The first aircraft that players can fly, the Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle, or VTOL for short is used as the supply runner in Multiplayer.

The VTOL can use a landing pad to pick up and store salvage in the form of Armor, Energy, Missiles, and Ballistics and drop them off during battle for other players to pick up. Picking up Missiles at a landing pad will upgrade the dual crossbow Missiles on the VTOL. In addition to being able to store salvage, the VTOL can also store both explosives, which can be dropped as bombs, and deployable turrets that will attack enemies.

In addition to the storage, the VTOL has a cargo lift which can pick up and transport a Rhommel Tank MK. II, and deploy it anywhere on the battlefield. Lastly the VTOL has BattleArmor attachments which function the same as the Cargo lift, where a user in a BattleArmor can JumpJet up to a VTOL and grab onto it, letting it travel around the battle field at high speeds. When the BattleArmor attaches onto a VTOL its Pulse Laser is upgraded to level 4, which can only be achieved by riding on a VTOL. The upgraded Pulse Laser does more damage than the level 3 upgrade, shoots faster, and never overheats.


The VTOL that appears in Lone Wolf was created specifically for the MechAssault series and has made no other appearances in the BattleTech universe. The Lone Wolf VTOL was later retconned into the main BattleTech canon as the prototype to the Aeron Strike VTOL which entered production in the year 3082, almost 15 years after the events of the MechAssault series, and would become the most widespread VTOL in use.


The VTOL was created specifically for combat support and resupply, and not for direct combat. Being equipped only with dual Crossbow Missiles, the VTOL's offensive options are limited. Therefore if the VTOL is going to go on the offensive it is suggested to:

  • Have a BattleArmor riding along for extra firepower and the ability to have it jump off at any time and Neurohack enemy 'Mechs.
  • Have the Rhommel Tank MK. II in suspension in the Cargo Lift, and drop it off on the sidelines of a battle to help.
  • Fill up the Cargo Bay with explosives and conduct bombing runs on enemy 'Mechs and tanks.
  • Fill up the Cargo Bay with deployable turrets and drop them at battles to support friendly 'Mechs.


The VTOL can fly, that is more than what can be said for 'Mechs, even if they have JumpJets. The VTOL's speed and ability to climb can be it's best attribute, as it can stay outside of the effective range of most weapons systems. However, it does not have much armor and can be knocked out of the air after taking only minimal fire. Transporting other vehicles should be the priority of the VTOL rather than directly engaging enemies. Carrying the BattleArmor which can engage enemies while the VTOL flies can prove to be the most effective means of defense.

Effective weapons against the VTOL include Auto Cannons, Medium Lasers, and Gauss Rifles as they have long range and are impossible to avoid due to their velocity, with PPCs being dangerous as well. Javelin Missiles are easy to avoid, and it is difficult for Crossbow Missiles and Warhammer Missiles to lock on to the VTOL if the pilot keeps a distance. Pulse Lasers can endanger the VTOL if fired in flurries, but can also be easily evaded from a distance. Machine Guns are ineffective due to their extremely limited range.


  • The VTOL appears to have a Machine gun on the front under the cockpit. This is seen to be usable in photos, but cannot be used in game.
  • Natalia pilots a VTOL during several missions in Lone Wolf, providing supplies for the Captain but never engaging in combat.
    • It is possible for Natalia to be shot down during the missions her VTOL aids the Captain in, but she will always survive and notify the Captain that she is alright.
  • During the mission End Game, Natalia is seen piloting a VTOL with Dragoon red paint accents when dropping off the BattleArmor, but this VTOL is never seen at any other point during gameplay or cinematic segments.