MechAssault Wiki


The Vulture is a main battle 'Mech and one of the lightest heavy-class 'Mechs. It carries good speed, moderate armour and versatile weapon systems, making it one of the more multi-function mechs on the field.

It also contains a reflective armor defense measure. Its Javelin missiles can pack a punch to heavier 'Mechs, its lasers at range, and single machine gun up close make it effective at any range. Its further developed into the more effectiveMad Dog Mech.


The Vulture comes armed with a set of 2 Medium Lasers that are fired from the tips of the cannons seen on the front of the 'Mech. There is also a 50 .cal Machine Gun set on the side of the cockpit and quad Javelin LRM's from the missile launchers that are fitted on the shoulders. This means that the 'Mech is capable of taking on enemies at most ranges. The draw back being it only comes with one Machine Gun, making it less effective to use when fighting. It is still an excellent weapon when the Mech overheats.


In MechAssault 1, The Vulture came with the AMS ability, causing anyone to use missiles to lock onto the flare that the Mech shoots rather than the Mech itself if you stay close to the flare. Also, for it's class as Heavy Mech in MechAssault 1, the Vulture is quite fast. This makes evading somewhat easier than on other Mechs. In MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, the Vulture comes equipped with Reflective Armor Shielding. With the Reflective Armor activated, any Energy Weapons fired on the Mech cause 70% less damage.