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"The Wendigo is a variant of the Nova Cat that uses a PPC and autocannon instead of lasers." -MechAssault 2 Manual


Although slightly less powerful than it's counterpart the Nova Cat, the Wendigo Heavy Class BattleMech does not suffer as badly from overheating issues. The chassis the Wendigo uses allows for higher speed than other 'Mechs of the same class. Its weight is approx. 70 tons. Jump-Jets are not included on this Mech. The Wendigo should use any buildings in the area as cover from other 'Mechs. The Wendigo along with it's variant, the Nova Cat are much bulkier, and taller than the average Heavy Mech. And with this larger profile, it's a much bigger target.


Both the Wendigo and Nova Cat possess two weapons platforms. Carrying into battle a set of three Auto-Cannons on the left arm and 2 PPC Cannons on the right arm the Wendigo is better suited for medium to long range combat more so when fighting other heavy and assault class 'Mechs. The double PPC's should be used on weaker enemies, and the triple Auto-Cannons should be used to inflict the most damage to tougher enemies.


The Wendigo has Reactive Armor Shielding installed. When activated, damage from ballistic weapons is decreased by 70%. Also the Wendigo has excellent speed for a 'Mech of it's class and should be constantly on the move. It is capable of fighting other 'Mechs of any class but should always have another 'Mech assisting it while taking down larger enemies (e.g. Mad Cat, Atlas, Ragnarok).

MechAssault 2[]

  • Mech Defense (On a scale from 1-10): 7
  • Mech Speed: 23 mph
  • Tonnage: 70
  • Weapons: PPC x2, Autocannon x3
  • Defensive/Special Weapon: Reactive Armor


  • This is one of the few 'Mechs not seen in the Campaign for MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf