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"Like I said, Dragoons improvise." - Natalia

Wolf's Dragoons were the most famous mercenary group operating within the Inner Sphere. They were the main protagonist group of the MechAssault series.


The Wolf's Dragoons were founded in the year 3004 as a special sub-command of Clan Wolf. The Dragoons were originally created to pose as mercenaries while spying on other clans and factions, however over time the command became a true mercenary group recruiting many of its personnel from sources outside of Clan Wolf.

Though still owing loyalty to Clan Wolf, the Dragoons began operating more independently and developed into a power unto themselves. Owing to their Clan Wolf origins, The Dragoon's built an impeccable reputation for integrity, honor, and professionalism, becoming one of the most revered mercenary groups in existence. In the year 3030, the Dragoons were granted control of the planet of Outreach which became their home world and primary base of operations.

Prelude to MechAssault[]

Relations between the Wolf's Dragoons and The Word of Blake had never been good, with a deep woven distrust of each other stemming from The Words origins as a part of ComStar. In the year 3066, the leader and founder of the Wolf's Dragoon's Jaime Wolf organized a defensive alliance against the Word of Blake with several other mercenary companies including the famous Northwind Highlanders, vowing to protect any planets that wished to remain free and independent in the face of Word of Blake expansionism.

On October 15th 3067, Word supported mercenaries attacked the Dragoon home world of Outreach, culminating in the death of Jaime Wolf in battle on October 18th and triggering all-out war between The Wolf's Dragoons and The Word of Blake.

Events of MechAssault[]


Events of Lone Wolf[]



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