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Wolves is a fan-made sequel to the MechAssault series developed by New Day Fiction.

Note for all users: The subject of this article does not pertain to official BattleTech series content. The subject of this article is fan fiction, and is in no way tied to or sanctioned by any current or past developers, publishers or copyright holders of the MechAssault or BattleTech series.


Wolves is a free to play, fan-made reimagining of MechAssault with the aim of combining the simplistic mechanics of MechAssault with the visual presentation of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. The game is being developed in the Unity engine and is available for download.


With the Word of Blake defeated on Terra, factions from around the Inner Sphere wish to exploit the delicate political situation in the wake of a massive explosion in the industrial city of New Hamilton. Buried in the rubble are hundreds of previously extinct Star League 'Mechs and everyone wants a piece of the salvage. With the loss of the HPG network, ComStar has no way to quell the violence. It's the start of a new age, a Dark Age... 


Keeping in line with the simple design philosophy of MechAssault, Wolves retains the fast-paced 'Mech action fans are familiar with. 'Mech abilities have been removed and are now powerups found on the map, expanding on the Salvage system from the previous games. Skins are available as a part of the customization suite and they'll be available on every 'Mech, some of which are brand new from the BattleTech universe. Wolves will also sport familiar locations including a remake of River City and Proving Grounds from MechAssault 2. A new map taking place on Terra has been announced as well taking place on a chunk of city that's sunken into Alera's crash site. 


New versions of Wolves will be launching in Waves, Waves are content drops featuring four new 'Mechs per wave with one 'Mech per weightclass. Wave 3 is currently in development with no confirmed release date. It will add four new 'Mechs and possible new game modes.

Wave 1

Wave 2

  • Raven
  • Raptor II
  • Hellbringer
  • Mad Cat MkII

Wave 3

  • Puma
  • Unannounced
  • Mad Cat
  • Unannounced


Wolves as of Wave 2 has three maps available

  • Ill Fortune
  • Terra
  • Anointed

Wave 3 may introduce the updated Terra City

Game Modes[]

Wolves as of Wave 2 has one game mode: Grinder

The classic survival onslaught mode from previous MechAssault entries. The mode currently only allows for one players to fight against the set of currently released 'Mechs.

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