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"Those who fight to preserve technology and knowledge are the grandest crusaders of all." - Jerome Blake

The Word of Blake was a religious splinter faction of ComStar. It was the main antagonist clan in the MechAssault series.


The Word of Blake was founded in the year 3052 due to a religious backlash against the removal of ComStar's mystical and religious aspects, when a cadre of traditionalists sought sanctuary within the Free Worlds League leading to a deluge of refugees entering the League and the Word of Blake Protectorate being established on the planet of Gibson. The Word would later seize the planet of Terra (Earth) from ComStar's control in the year 3058 and adopt it as its capital world.

The Word of Blake hailed the founder of ComStar Jerome Blake as a saint, upholding his philosophies akin to religious doctrine. The Word consisted of many different factions and sub-sects with different beliefs and interpretations of Jerome Blake's works that were unable to reconcile and unite under a single banner but shared the common belief in Jerome Blake's doctrines and decried ComStar's members as heretics for breaking from ancient tradition.

Though divided into sects by their differences, The Word of Blake was ruled by a conclave of the heads of the four largest factions, in addition to the Precentor-Martial who was the supreme commander of the Word's military branch.

Prelude to MechAssault[]

Relations between the Wolf's Dragoons and The Word of Blake had never been good, with a deep woven distrust of each other stemming from The Words origins as a part of ComStar. In the year 3066, the leader and founder of the Wolf's Dragoon's Jaime Wolf organized a defensive alliance against the Word of Blake with several other mercenary companies including the famous Northwind Highlanders, vowing to protect any planets that wished to remain free and independent in the face of Word of Blake expansionism.

On October 15th 3067, Word supported mercenaries attacked the Dragoon home world of Outreach, culminating in the death of Jaime Wolf in battle on October 18th and triggering all-out war between The Wolf's Dragoons and The Word of Blake.

Events of MechAssault[]

In the year 3067, The World of Blake invaded the independent world of Helios looking for LosTech technology including a pair of Ragnarök 'Mechs. Adept Strader, the officer placed in command of all Word of Blake forces on the planet, ruled Helios with an iron fist and brutally suppressed any resistance to The Word's rule and purpose there. In response to this aggression, the Wolf's Dragoons Mercenary Group was hired to invade Helios and eradicate the Word of Blake presence there. The Dragoons were weary of the orbital defense grid that Strader was in the process of constructing, and so in preparation to a full-scale invasion the DropShip Icarus under the command of Major Natalia Kerensky was given the task of covertly landing on the planet outside of the range of the existing orbital guns and sabotaging the orbital defense grid before the invasion would commence. Despite suffering heavy losses, the crew of the Icarus succeeded in their mission and destroyed the orbital guns, paving the way for the impending invasion.

While conducting operations on Helios, the crew of the Icarus uncovered information of the Word of Blake's purpose on the planet and learned of Strader's discovery of the LosTech cache and the Ragnarök 'Mech. Dragoons HQ then ordered the Icarus to pursue the LosTech and so the Icarus began targeting Strader and his command staff directly to get closer to Ragnarök. Though Strader narrowly evaded an assassination attempt, his entire command staff including his second in command were eventually killed by the Icarus' last surviving MechWarrior, leading to the total collapse of organization of Word of Blake forces on the planet as the Dragoon invasion force made rapid gains. Enraged by the prospect of defeat, and of losing all of the secrets that Helios still had to offer, Strader ordered a full retreat and set in motion a Planetbuster device - a Doomsday drill - determined to destroy the planet and annihilate the invading Dragoons. Shortly after giving the doomsday order, Strader was cornered and killed in battle while piloting one of his prized Ragnarök 'Mechs. Strader's second Ragnarök was then captured by the Icarus' crew, who then used it to destroy Strader's Planetbuster, marking the defeat of the Word of Blake on Helios.

Events of Lone Wolf[]



  1. Some of the information included in this article was compiled from the BattleTech wiki
  2. Time frame of MechAssault and Lone Wolf was estimated from the official BattleTech timeline due to the Word of Blake Jihad and subsequent blockade of Northwind beginning in 3067.