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The Word of Blake is the main antagonist clan in the MechAssault series. They are one of the main enemies of the Wolf's Dragoons. They were founded by Jerome Blake who created the data cores during his time in ComStar. They are the sworn enemy of many clans, especially the Wolf's Dragoons.



In MechAssault, the World of Blake invaded a planet looking for LosTech technology including the Ragnarök Mech. Later, they would attempt to destroy the entire planet in order to cover their tracks and wipe out much of the Wolf's Dragoons.

MechAssault 2[]

In MechAssault 2, the Word of Blake planned to create the Nemesis SuperMech Army which consists of many Ragnarök Mechs and led by a large powerful Mech that uses the power of all 5 data cores(Although this mech was destroyed before it could be completed). During their search for the 5 cores, they seized control of many planets and forced the populations to work in labor camps. Those planets have since been liberated by the Wolf's Dragoons. The Word of Blake and its Nemesis SuperMech Army was defeated on the planet Terra (Earth in the future) and the planet was liberated from their control.