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The Ymir is only available to play with in Local Multiplayer in both MechAssault and MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. The weapons system it carries is highly prone to overheating if not regulated/managed properly by the pilot. The Ymir is one of two 'Mechs to carry the Lava Gun, extremely powerful, but heat creation doesn't allow for repeated firing. The 'Mech overall is built to bring massive damage in a short time period. The Ymir was built to take down 'Mechs quickly, and cannot sustain prolonged battles; yet it is one of the few mechs that is a fair match for the Atlas.


Carrying the Lava Gun into to battle, the Ymir is a huge target. Typically being ganged up on by multiple 'Mechs, the Ymir should never, ever go off into battle alone. Although its armor can stand punishment, it won't matter much if more than 2 'Mechs are attacking it at the same time. The pilot should be mindful, as the Ymir is extremely prone to overheating. Standing in water is the best way to manage this. The reason is that the Ymir sports a Lava Gun (three shots per trigger pull), quad Auto-Cannons, and dual PPC's, all of which create excessive amounts of heat when fired, especially when the weapon upgrades are maxed out.


The Ymir of MechAssault has the LosTech shield ability, which stops all weapon damage when activated. Although it only lasts for a few seconds, the recharge time is quite fast, and if timed properly, can be used to stop weapons from causing damage. The MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf version of the Ymir no longer carries the shield in the first game, but rather carries Advanced LosTech Shielding, which absorbs 70% of all weapons fire. The Advanced LosTech Shielding has an extremely long recharge time.


  • The Ymir is not seen in the campaigns of either MechAssault or MechAssault 2.
  • When charging the PPC's on the Ymir, the barrel of the Lava Gun will spin.